When you have finished an experiment you can export the Tm or Cq values, the graphs and generate experiment reports from your experiment. This section will take you through the steps you need in order to do each of these things.

Data Export

To export data select the Export button, shown below, which is located at the bottom right of the screen, when in an analysis module. Data export can be in two file formats, either character-separated variable (.CSV), or portable document format (.PDF).


This is an editable data file that can be opened up with many spreadsheet programs.


This file format is suitable for printing and presentations, but cannot be edited.

Graph Export

All graph types including amplification and melt curves can be exported to easily include them in reports or email. The user can export as images (.PNG), scalable vector graphics (.SVG) and portable document format (.PDF).

Report Generation

Experiment reports can be generated from your experiment by selecting Experiment Report under the Experiment tab. This will give the user the ability to generate a report including items such as thermal profiles, sample setups and various analysis results.